Available for asso, club, bachelor(ette) party and friends ! An MTB Annecy outing, which is intended for all beginners or confirmed, looking for thrills and escape, in an enduro spirit.
You will discover fun trails, with beautiful lifts, to fetch the most beautiful enduro singles. A course specially designed by our guides, with outputs of different levels, to discover or rediscover the most beautiful spots in the region …

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MTB Cross Country – Semnoz

The Semnoz is renowned for its natural trails and its 360 ° view, it is an incredible mountain bike spot ! Since the Summit Semnoz, you enjoy a breathtaking view of the three lakes : Lake Annecy, Lake Geneva and Bourget.

MTB Cross Country – Clusaz

Discover an exceptional mountain bike ride in the Aravis. Equipped with comfortable Cross Country bikes, join the forest areas of La Clusaz resort and enjoy exceptional mountain views.

Enduro Freeride – Semnoz

Go with your instructor for an Enduro Free-Ride session on the Semnoz mountain range! It will make you discover the most beautiful technical passages, for a descent to 90% Single Track, during the 16 km descent marathon.

Mountain Bike Annecy
Enduro Discovery – Semnoz

The pleasure of downhill mountain biking, without the effort of the climb : the dream ! Ranked among the most beautiful descents of France, you will be thrilled by the descent of Semnoz, located just above Annecy.

The descent Semnoz

The pleasure of the descent without the effort of the climb : the dream !

Available for asso, club, bachelor(ette) party and friends ! The descent of Semnoz is very appreciated, with its 1300 meters of negative elevation.

Enjoy magnificent views of the lake and ride through various atmospheres and trails. You will go by bus to the summit, with your guide, to discover 16 km of downhill adaptable to all levels !

Course of the Semnoz mountain bike outing:

  • Departure from our Annecy shop
  • Helmet equipment and protections
  • Full suspension bike
  • Departure by shuttle bus to the summit of Semnoz
  • You are ready ?
  • Let’s go !

The descent Aravis

The pleasure of descending into green spaces !

Available for asso, club, bachelor(ette) party and friends ! Go with your instructor for an enduro session on the Aravis.

It will introduce you to the enduro singles, the field and the marked trails that run through the mountains. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts !

Course of the La Clusaz mountain bike outing :

  • Departure from our La Clusaz shop
  • Helmet equipment and protections
  • Full suspension bike
  • Ascending in mechanical lift
  • You are ready ?
  • Let’s go !

Our video outings

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Moutain Bike Rental Annecy

All to rent your bike in Annecy !

Rental MTB Annecy, you can rent equipment for all. We rent several types of ATVs and all year round. Located 300m from the bus station, we are located in the old town. It is ideal for testing the summer line, which will take you effortlessly to the summit of Semnoz ! Enjoy branded and quality equipment, with an Rental MTB Annecy, on a half-day, a day or more.

For your Rental MTB Annecy, do not hesitate to come to the shop Takamaka, located in the old town ! Discover too our road bike blog !


Downhill mountain bike rental :

Our downhill ATVs are equipped with a front suspension and a shock absorber at the rear, for maximum comfort. Integral helmet, protections and repair kit included in the rental.

Full suspension mountain bike rental : 55 €

Road Bicycle Rental :

Get on the road, thanks to the road bike. To get even more speed and for optimal comfort, it is possible to add your pedals to the bicycles.

1/2 day bike rental : 25 €
Hire of road bikes day : 35 €

Cross Country MTB Rental :

We offer bike rental, with front suspension, for your Cross Country sessions. This type of mountain bike, is a bike very well suited for medium courses, in terms of technical difficulty.

Cross country mountain bike rental : 49 €
Day bike rental child : 15 €
Half day bike rental : 10 €

Rental Road Bike and Trailer :

For your walks on the bike path, we all have a range of VTC, as well as trailers one or two places…

1/2 day car : 14 €
VTC day : 18 €

Trailer 1/2 day : 10 €
Trailer 1 day : 15 €

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Annecy Mountain Bike Corporate Event

We offer an Annecy MTB seminar, with our team of professional guides, to discover picturesque sites, far from the asphalt of cars !
Enjoy an activity in the countryside, between colleagues and in an original way.

Discover all our offers, on seminar blog !

nnecyMoutainbike corporate event

Integral descent

Discover in an original and sometimes acrobatic way, picturesque sites around Annecy by mountain bike : rolling tracks, trials and forest !

To fully discover this activity, go with professionals ! We propose you superb hikes, where we will alternate technical sequences and walks, on descent-dominated courses.

To take full advantage of this activity, we will take you by bus from your hotel to the summit of Semnoz at 1700 m altitude. Your instructors will equip you (mountain bikes, helmets and protections) and teach you the basic techniques of downhill mountain biking.

You are ready for the full descent to Annecy at the foot of your hotel ! Ready ? Leave !

Access : 35 minutes from Annecy by bus
Activity time : half day, approx. 3 hours
Effective : 8 mini / 100 max
Level : Easy
Period : April to October
Material to provide : Sportswear, sneakers, windbreaker

Price : 79 euros / HT per person

Raid Orientation

Armed with a map and an ATV, go in search of the tags and riddles, which we have scattered in the forest.

True raid orientation, we offer a professional organization, with our team of guide (departure, arrival, timing, awards ceremony). On the course, in addition to the beacons, we will propose riddles on our region.

We will divide the group into a team, each team will perform the same course, with different crossing orders on each tag.

The aim is to orient yourself, with the maps provided, to find the beacons and the activity stands. Points will be awarded to tags and modules.

On arrival we will count the points, around a snack and cold drinks. Then we will carry out the award ceremony and announce the answers to the long-awaited riddles !

Access : 20 minutes from Annecy
Activity time : half day, approx. 3h

Number of participants : 10 minimum / 200 maximum
Intermediate level
Effective : 10 mini / 200 max
Period : April to December
Equipment to be provided : sportswear, good shoes

Price : 75 euros HT per person

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Wow !!! Awesome !!

So we booked two Lapierre Zesty ATVs with a guide named J.S and it was just perfect! He will explain all the basics and will tell you where to go … In short, the guide is great and the material too, so that happiness in these tracks without pebbles. I highly recommend Takamaka for their kindness, efficiency and foolproof material! Thank you for this great time!

Erwan R

MTB downhill Semnoz: Thank you!

We thank our guide Antoine for the mountain bike descent of Semnoz. Good gear, good settings and great advice from the team that adapts the course to the potential of everyone and it’s really great!

Alain L

Too much too much … to do again !!

We were 11 adults to do this downhill mountain bike session of the Semnoz under a beautiful May sun! Loving speed and adventure, I was happy … It was a great time and I can not wait to do it again !! In addition, our guides (J.S and Antoine) were great fun and very educational !!

Sébastien J


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mountain biker, our MTB spots offer a choice of courses accessible to all practitioners. Is it dangerous ? Will I be able to do it ? We are here to answer all your questions !

We organize together the trip to the summit and we do the descent, at a pace adapted to your group. Our favorite itinenaries are open to anyone who knows how to ride a bike. Depending on the level, our instructors will put together little progress workshops : you will leave with lots of advice, which will improve your personal practice !

When you arrive at the meeting place, your guide will equip you with all the necessary equipment adapted to your level (full suspension bike, full face helmet, gloves and protections). Then he will give you a briefing on the safety rules and the progress of your activity. You will then go to the place of departure, go for your downhill mountain bike !

We consider that the summer period is the best to discover our MTB spots in the mountains. From June, you can enjoy the long summer days, with ideal weather. The influx of hikers is still limited, which makes descents less dangerous. In July and August, MTB spots are more crowded, but you can always go to the summit early in the morning, or late afternoon for more tranquility… In September, there are often great periods of good weather and attendance down. This is often the ideal time to go riding !

It is quite possible to ride a bike in winter, but it requires a little preparation and especially goodwill! In winter, the trails are very slippery because they are covered with mud, dead leaves and snow. You have to be more focused when driving. This allows you to train at a higher level, to be much more comfortable, during summer outings.

In summer, it is simply recommended to wear sportswear, with good shoes. You can equip yourself with a small backpack, with a bottle of water, to hydrate you during the effort. Do not forget the sunglasses if needed !

In winter, you need clothes that are suitable for riding in good conditions and for protection against wind and cold. In order to keep warm, it is best to respect the principle of 3 layers of clothing, slipped on top of each other. Finally, do not forget to protect your head, hands and feet. The ends become numb easily and quickly in contact with the cold.

If you book a downhill MTB Annecy, a full suspension bike, a full face helmet, gloves and protections, will be provided for the duration of the activity. On your arrival, we take the time to equip you, with all the necessary security equipment and adapted to your level.

Mountain biking is a discipline adapted to everyone, thanks to many practices. We will present these different practices, you can then determine which is suitable for you !

Cross Country
This is the most popular discipline of mountain biking ! This practice makes it possible to find sensations, while strolling in the nature. Most MTB spots are dedicated to this practice. Accessible to all, you can do the descent at your own pace !

Down Hill
If you like extreme sports, then downhill mountain biking is for you ! The goal is to hit the slopes quickly, especially on the ski slopes in summer. This descent requires a good level of MTB and never lasts more than 15 minutes, because of the muscular efforts to provide.

Enduro is a discipline, which is practiced in competition. Halfway between the Cross Country and Down Hill, this competition takes place downhill, with different timed courses. A good way to have fun, while practicing mountain biking !

Le Semnoz
From the city center, Le Semnoz is one of the most popular MTB spots ! Accessible by shuttle from early June to late August thanks to the summer line, you can discover many trails in the heart of the forest during a descent of 16 km.

The massif of Aravis
30 minutes from Annecy, discover the site of La Clusaz ! Accessible by ski lift, 3 DH tracks and 12 enduro cross country tracks ideal for discovering the Aravis Valley. You will find the mountain bike course adapted to your experience whatever your level !

If you want to stroll in peace, the tour of Lake Annecy is also accessible by a bike path. This bike ride allows you to discover beautiful landscapes ! To rent adult or child bike click here !